Safir Font Tracing Font Monitoring Program

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Photoshop etc. applications or word, excell, powerpoint etc. font programs, font selection, color selection and so on. especially if the font archive of our computer is crowded, it is sometimes very annoying to find the font we are looking for.

Of course there is a difficulty in choosing a font. In practice - most of the time - when we change the font, we cannot see the change instantly. So, in order to be able to see the font we choose, we need to write a new article, or close the application and reopen it. Which font to use, I wonder if he can push us a little while thinking.

Here we offer a very nice and fairly simple program to help you with this. The program is very simple to use, you can see all the fonts on your computer, and you can instantly see how any text you appear. You can also quickly scroll through the fonts to see a preview of all your fonts.


  • Sibel
    İşimi gördü teşekkür ederim.
    3 years ago

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