Market and Exchange Rates Tracking, Gold and Stock Exchange Index

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Google Chrome Uzantısı

Both Free Market and T.C. Central Bank and exchange rates program, which works in integration with the Central Bank, is the google chrome application. In addition to the exchange rates, you can see current gold prices, ISE Stock index and parity.

Just click on the app icon that will be placed in your chrome browser as soon as you want to see the exchange rates.

In the window of data to establish the main currency in the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey both free market will see momentarily at the exchange rates are published on the website.

You can install the application prepared with the design that does not ask for any permission to put your safety at risk and you will not tired of the eye.

In Turkish, foreign currency is called foreign currency. The process of converting the currency of a country into another country's currency is called the foreign currency transaction. Currency is an economic commodity used as an investment tool. Profit is derived from the differences arising between the exchange rates.

Exchange rates are also called exchange rates. Exchange rates vary momentarily according to the daily economic conditions of the countries. Someone who wants to dominate the foreign exchange market should follow these developments well.

Follow free market, central bank exchange rates and live exchange rates of other banks, closed market gold prices, and LIVE markets.

Nowadays, one of the investment instruments that provide better income to investors is the exchange rate. Those who want to invest in exchange rates should first learn what happened. They should be thoroughly informed and informed about where they can follow, how they can invest.

One of the indispensables of investment instruments is exchange rates. It is also the sine qua non of international trade. The currencies were the result of the formation of the currencies of the country and were called those who were outside our own country currency. In order to be able to make international trade, there is a need for valuation against each other and the exchange rates have emerged. Today, what is important for the world economy is called major currency.

Major currencies; USD (USD), EUR (Euro), GBP (GBP), CHF (Swiss franc), CAD (Canadian dollar), AUD (Australian dollar), JPY (Japanese yen). The mutual valuation of these forms the major parities. The currencies we call major are effective in the direction of the world economy. Those except those are called minor currencies. The economies of countries with these currencies are considered as developing or underdeveloped.


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