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This product is not just a theme file , it is a free Themed full Opencart installation with Opencart fully translated into Turkish and the necessary plugins installed . Along with a wide variety of applications and extensions, OpenCart  is a comprehensive management program . Therefore,  you can easily maintain control over multiple online stores from a single backend . We have eliminated the problems such as Turkish language pack, SEO Url configuration, slug seo fields in installing the theme and adding products, which often cause great difficulties in Opencart installations, and prepared the Turkish Opencart version with the necessary plugins for you. It is completely free and ready for your use with its extra features . If you install according to the installation instruction at the bottom of the page, you will not have any problems with the installation. Briefly, its main features are:  1. Send Web Push Notification - Web Push Notification Send Web Notification to Your Members from the Site It is a complete web push notification solution for Opencart stores, trusted by store owner and marketer. It allows your website to re-engage your most loyal customers with targeted push notifications. In order for this plugin to work, you must first select the Modules from the Drop-down List and Web Push Notification from the Submodules List in your Administration Panel - Plugins - Plugins , and then enter the Edit mode and fill in the relevant fields. You can get the necessary information to fill in the fields in the form free of charge from the account you will create at . You can create your free account and get your required API Keys & Secret Keys to start using Push Notification. All main functions, dashboard, metrics are displayed in your Opencart Admin Panel. When customers visit your site, they can choose to receive push notifications from your website. You can alert your visitors when new content is released, send them offers, tips or anything else, and eventually turn them into regular and loyal customers. It is like a newsletter, but more efficient and effective at engaging your target audience. 2. Admin Panel Quick Product Editing  Fast Product Editing  This module allows you to easily edit fields such as product name - product code - product stock amount - category - price on the listing page without entering the detail page. It prevents you from wasting your time with fast processing. It makes your work easier and saves you time. 3. Auto SEO URL Admin Panel Opencart SEO Relieves Url Boredom SEO URL management in Opencart has often been a nuisance. With this plugin, for example, the link seen as /index.php?route=account/register will become /new-membership compatible with seo. This is just an example, all links including other pages, blog posts, categories and products are seo compatible. 4. Automatic Unique Item No.  You Don't Have to Enter Product Number Anymore The Product Number, that is, the product code, which is mandatory and must be unique when adding a product to your site, is automatically created with this plugin and added to the required field. 5. Filter Products by Category  Admin Panel Product Filtering With this plugin, it allows you to filter by category when you list products in the administration panel. In this way, you can access and control your products more easily. 6. Opencart WhatsApp Order Module  Provide WhatsApp Support to Your Customers on the Frontend of Your Site This plugin provides WhatsApp support to your customers on the frontend of your site. When your customer enters the detail page of a product, he will see the whatsapp support logo at the bottom of the page. When the WhatsApp Order Module is entered from mobile devices, it becomes active on the product detail page. 7. CBRT Currency Update  Automatic Update of Exchange Rates If your site includes TL, Dollar, Euro etc. If you sell in currencies, it allows you to automatically update the exchange rates from the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey.  8. Export/Import Tool  Data Transfer With this plugin, you can export your opencart data to xls, sql etc. It allows you to output as . It also makes it easier for you to get data from outside to your site. 9. HOMEPAGE & LAYOUT BUILDER Design your own store... Change your site the way you want with the theme builder. Layout Builder allows you to create as many modules as you want with drag-and-move and create your own theme by using these modules on pages. 10. MEGA MENU Create stunning menus You can also use Mega Menu for free to create rich and stunning navigation menus for your website. Create menu themes and customize styles using drag and drop tools. Beautify menu items with custom colors, fonts, and attributes. We added Mega Menu to create a navigation menu beyond imagination. To edit Megamenu parameters, open your website's admin panel and  go to Plugins > Modules > TM Megamenu > TM Megamenu  page. On the next page you will be able to create, remove and edit menu items. Menu Item type  — type of menu (normal/megamenu); For the 'Custom' option: Menu title  — menu item label; Menu link  — menu item link; Show megamenu  — megamenu screen; If the "  Show megamenu"(3)  option  is set to "Yes"  , the following additional fields will appear. Fill in these fields: Number  of columns — number of columns; Number of columns per  row — number of columns per row; Background image  — background image; The width  of the background image — the width of the background image; Background image height  — background image height; After you fill in the "Number of columns" field in Number 4  , the following options become available:  "Column N"  . Fill the tabs: Column width  - width of the column; Column content  — the content of the column; Categories(Products) limit  — the maximum number of categories or products to display in the column; Module  — the name of the module to display; Category name  — the name of the category; Show  category name — category name display; For the 'Category' option: Menu item submenu type  — submenu type; After selecting the "Megamenu" type in the "Menu Item type" field in Number 5  , the following additional megamenu settings become available: Number  of columns — number of columns; Number of columns per  row — number of columns per row; Background image  — background image; The width  of the background image — the width of the background image; Background image height  — background image height; After you fill in the "Number of columns" field in Number 6  , the following options become available:  "Column N"  . Fill the tabs: Column width  - width of the column; Column content  — the content of the column; Categories(Products) limit  — the maximum number of categories or products to display in the column; Module  — the name of the module to display; 11 - PARALLAX MODULE Add parallax effect to your site with no coding knowledge required. Parallax scrolling is a special scrolling technique used in computer graphics where background images appear slower than the site content itself, thus creating the illusion of depth and immersion in a two-dimensional video game. This module allows you to add a parallax effect to your site without additional skill and effort. Available settings: Module Name  — the name of the module; Width  — module image width; Height  — module image height; Blur  — turn on/off the blur effect when the size is too small; Direction  — sets the direction of the parallax movement. Normal - parallax scroll moves in the opposite direction, Inverse - parallel to it; Speed  ​​— sets the speed ratio for parallax relative to the base speed. Value: 0 to 2; Status  — module status (enabled/disabled). The width and height of the image must match the original (used by default), otherwise the effect may not meet your expectations. 12. PRODUCT IMAGE ZOOM ON PRODUCT DETAIL -  Product Page Zoom When you hover over the product image, it displays it with zoom. AND BLOG MODULE AVAILABLE.. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS It's the same as OpenCart installation, but there are a few key points to note : 1. Database Creation;  In your hosting's cPanel, enter the MySQL Database Wizard field and create a database, a database username and password related to it, and write them down. 2. Uploading Files to Server;  To start working with OpenCart, you need to upload our installation file to your server. You can do this from File Manager via your hosting cPanel or using an alternative FTP client.  When the compressed (zipped) file is uploaded to your server, unzip the zip file to your computer. If the content of the archive is uploaded to your server, your files should appear as follows in the access area where your domain name is defined, that is, where you will upload opencart. 3. Starting Installation; Open any browser and enter your site's OpenCart directory path in the browser address bar (for example http://your_domain/opencart ). You will see the OpenCart installation page:  Go ahead.. In the second step, OpenCart will check if your hosting settings match the required ones and if the file and folder permissions are correct. Go on..  Configuration Settings will come in Step 3; In the configuration step, you need to enter your database details. The MySQL database was created in the preparation step and you have noted down the information, now you need to enter the details you used: VT Driver: PDO; Server Name: localhost ; VT Username: (The username you entered when creating the Database in CPanel); VT Password: (The password you entered while creating the Database in CPanel);  Database Name: (The database name you entered when creating Database in CPanel); Port:3306; Prefix: can stay the same. If there are any problems with the database details, contact your hosting provider. 2. Enter Username Password for the Administration which is the Zone: You need to create an admin user for your store. Enter the name, password and administrator email address. The details you enter will be used to log into your store backend. You will log in to the administration panel with the username and password you enter in this field. Ready! This is the final OpenCart installation step. You will see 2 options: You can be redirected to your OpenCart website or OpenCart admin panel. IMPORTANT: If you open your website in this case, you will not be able to display the theme properly. For this, first of all, by logging into your site's administration panel; as pictured below From the System-Users-User Groups menu , select all boxes with Select All for Administrator and say SAVE and You need to go to the Add-ons - Modifications menu and press the Refresh button at the top right and renew the modifications. If the administration panel asks you whether to automatically move the Storage folder at login, you can move it. You can now update your Store Information, logo and address information from the System - Stores section of your Management Panel . Your site is ready, use it. You can write your questions or feedback in the comments section. Thanks. 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