Source Codes of Parking Lot Tracking System with Delphi

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A simple but functional parking lot control system with Paradox database. A nice system for managing a small car park. Check the entrances and exits for hours or days and follow them with the license plate. It is a simple but beautiful application that supports payment system and can print out parking tickets.

Parking Lot Tracking Program can be developed for you to perform car park management meticulously. With the further development of this program, which has a very simple interface and offers its users the opportunity to follow without any difficulties, we can list the advantages that it will offer its users as follows:

  • Registering parking vehicles into the system according to the license plate
  • Starting subscription transactions for the parking lot
  • In addition to the parking fee, if any, adding an interior and exterior cleaning service fee
  • Printing receipts for customers
  • Creating door authorization for personnel
  • Receive daily revenue report
  • Protect data with automatic backups


Parking Tracking Program, one of the unique programs for parking lot operators, has a very useful and simple interface. For this reason, it offers a form that can be used easily for users of all levels. In addition, the fact that such a program has a strong database is important in terms of securing transactions and hosting a lot of data.

As Safir Media, we have published the source code of this program to set an example for programmers and to use them to improve themselves, as well as to make the program more professionally usable.

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