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In this hint, I want to explain how to create an unlimited list of categories in the database and how to read the category list.

One of the most difficult work of creating a store is to create a category and distinguish products with subcategories, and perhaps have a subcategory of this subcategory. Some programmers create a table for each category, which forces them to have limited categories.

After designing many applications, I learned that many people have problems with database design and created many useless things or limited usage tables and areas. Now, I would like to explain another vision vision related to database design.

Let me show you my app to do this.

In this partial class, we're creating two fields for switching for Category Names, such as two fields and Category Table, but with a difference, I used the variable CategoryList array type repeated in the partial class instead of registering the child category here.

This project includes:

  • Unlimited category and subcategory structure
  • Designing with a single table
  • Control with Ajax

You can place an order by adding the corresponding source code to your cart and then download it from the My Files link in your personal menu.

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