Warehouse Stock Control Program Delphi Source Code

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I wanted to share with you the delphi source code of the stock program I prepared with Delphi for the companies or traders who worked with you years ago. With these source codes we prepared as Safir Media, you can have information about how to do mathematical operations in delphi and database programming and you can use the source codes. 

Paradox database is used in the program. For this reason, Paradox database connections must be made for the program to work. If you have not made a Paradox database connection in your Delphi installation, you can learn how to link the Paradox Database in Delphi.

  • Program user name and password and management input is available.  
  • A demo user mode is available for the first time presentation. The demo version for the username: warehouse password: warehouse.
  • By entering the correct User Name and Password, the menu will be activated.
  • And the program is ready to use with the features defined and determined by the authorized person of your profile.


In this section, it is aimed to keep the employees, the customers who are constantly shopping, and the companies and companies purchased from the product.

Bank accounts and address information can also be saved.

This allows registered wholesalers and firms to automatically select the company that received the product at the product entry.

Saved customers allow you to automatically select the customer who sold the product if required.

Staff: In this section you can keep your employees' contact and bank account information.

Customers: In this section you can keep your customers' contact and bank account information.

Wholesalers / Companies: In this section you can keep communication and bank account information of companies and wholesalers.

Record Search: If you want to search among the contacts you have saved, you can use the QUICK SEARCH section.

Add New Record: To add a new entry, press the NEW button, Company Name, Address, Phone, Fax Number, Website, E-mail address, Bank Name-1, Account No.-1, Bank Name-2, Account No-2 fields. cleared for new record. Enter this information.

Saving Information: Click the SAVE button to save the information you entered. Never leave the Company Name field blank when saving information. Your information will be saved.

Making Changes to the Information: Select the contact you want to change from the section under which all records are listed. The information of the person you selected will appear above. You can save the change made with the CHANGE button after you change the part you want to change the fields.

Undoing Changes: If you made an incorrect change by knowing or not knowing the open record, you can undo the changes by using the CANCEL button before saving.

Delete Recordings: Select the contact you want to delete first. You can use the DELETE button to delete the record by pressing Yes.


In this section, you can save the products you have purchased and add them to your stock, make sales and check the stock status.

You save the products you have purchased and set the sales price. You can search for the products you have saved by Stock Code and Product Name.

As you enter the product Purchase Date, Production date and Expiration date, you can query the information about the current status of your products.

Sales price will be displayed automatically at the entrance of the product sale process and you will be able to perform the sales transaction by adding VAT at this price. You can change the sales price immediately if you wish.

You will be informed about products that are out of stock after the sale.

When you sell products in stock, you will immediately see the stock stop and you are not allowed to sell more than this amount.


  • In this section, you can make money in / out from the accounts you have set in my bank accounts section.
  • The entries are kept in the accounts of the funds deposited in your accounts or sent to you by wire transfer.
  • In the Payments section, the records of the payments you made or transferred from your accounts are kept.
  • You can review the entries and payments to the accounts you have specified in My Bank Accounts.

The Banks section is the fixed entries of the Bank's names used in all kinds of registration transactions. Overall, banks in Turkey comes as registered. You can add as many banks as you want.


In this section according to stock status;

You can report products in stock in various categories. The Stock Status Report can list the two dates specified in the following categories.

Categories in Inquiry;

  • Date of Purchase: Date of purchase (registration).
  • Date of Manufacture: The date of manufacture you entered in the registration.
  • Expiration Date: Expiration date of products.
  • You can break down the date range you specified or all sales made.

Also according to stock status;

You can report products in stock in various categories. The Stock Status Report can list the two dates specified in the following categories.


This section contains information about your company that will be used in some titles and the settings for registering the person authorized to use the program.

The user name and password definitions that are asked at the first login are done here. Only authorized person is defined in the program. This user can enter the user name and password in the User Settings section and define as many users as they want. General users cannot log in / change user settings. But they can use other parts of the program.

From the user movements section you can see which user has used the program in which time intervals.


  • Mehmet Sönmez
    Delphi uygulaması güzel ve kullanıma elverişli olduğu için indiriyom.
    3 years ago
  • filiz guleroglu
    Stok programı yapmayı düşünüyordum elimde çok iyi bir kaynak oldu teşekkür ederim yapanların eline emeğine sağlık:)
    3 years ago

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